Ep #26. Always one step ahead with Maha Abouelenein

The Heba Shunbo Podcast

09-06-2022 • 29 min

Maha Abouelenein is a strategic communications consultant, with a roster of the who’s who of clients. During our talk, she talks about how she kept her focus narrow, during her 30-year career span, she focused on the one thing she loves and that is how to create value for her clients through communications. She talks about how it hasn’t been all rosy, and she’s had some challenges along the way. Maha doesn’t shy in the face of adversity and in fact she has learnt to pivot those challenges into successes and prides herself on being a workhorse, she always gives 100%, and always stays ahead of the curve. We discuss NFTs, VeeCon – the first conference to be focused entirely on NFTs – and how she is giving back through the creation of her own NFT.