#24: How discovering you’re a highly sensitive person (hsp) can shift you from feeling inadequate and defective to realizing that your sensitivities are in fact your greatest assets and what make you special and unique.

The Heba Shunbo Podcast

06-04-2022 • 11 min

Have you ever felt like something is wrong with you? Do you hear very often “you’re too sensitive”, “stop overthinking everything”? do you very often feel overwhelmed by the world and what’s going on around you? Too many people? So much bad news, needing a lot of recovery time to get over the constant bombardment of information and external stimuli? Then you just might be a highly sensitive person. HSPs are misunderstood and can grow up feeling isolated, and are often judged and criticized because of their differences and their extreme sensitivities. However, once you discover you are a highly sensitive person, all of it starts to make sense. With that comes greater self-awareness and self-confidence and makes it easier for you to channel your emotions better, and protect yourself from feelings of continued anxiety and depression from the world around you and the things outside of your control.