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The Human Monument | The Porters ep. 8
The Human Monument | The Porters ep. 8
Recorded August 29th, 2022 in Chico, CAThe PortersAde Porter (Son)Anthony Porter (Father)The idea of 'The Human Monument' loomed over this episode. We began below the earth with Ade's story of visiting caves in the California foothills. We made our way to ground level as we talked of the primitive and where it fits in with civilization, which introduced a dream of architecture. We then proceeded to circle around the vision of 'Humanity as a Monument', reacted to it, and began to try and chew on what that might mean. We then finished off with Ade praising The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand as a prime example of how we might build a True Human Monument.Show Notes:/ Ade talks about visiting Moaning Cave in Vallecito, CA/ Diet, Vegetarianism, Meat, Identity/ Ade's eating meat again after 11 years/ Civility vs Primitivity/ Architecture as a metaphor for human progress and civilization/ If humanity is going to be a true monument it must be built upon the primitive, not in spite of it./ Is progress inherently good?/ Overpopulation, underpopulation./ Are humans an invasive species?/ The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand as an example of an ideal integration of man and nature / civilization and primitivity.Email: theporterspod@gmail.comSpotify: #chicoca #northerncalifornia #fatherandson #anthonypeytonporter #adesolapeytonporter #adeporter #monuments #architecture #overpopulation #underpopulation #primitive #civilized