Tom Garrick Interview

The Nolan Carr at Night Show!

30-06-2022 • 37 min

Welcome everyone to another edition of the podcast!

Joining us is the amazing Tom Garrick! Tom Garrick is considered, and deservedly so, one of the greatest college basketball players in URI history playing there from 1984-1988 which included a trip to the NIT and 1987-1988 NCAA Sweet Sixteen. After several years of coaching, he is currently back at Vanderbilt University in his second season as a member of his wife's, Shea Ralph, coaching staff as associate head coach!

In this conversation, Tom and I talked about growing up and his journey from West Warwick, Rhode Island to getting drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2nd round. We also talked about his time at URI as well as his coach philosophies wherever he's been fortunate enough to coach!

Tom is a standup and selfless guy who exudes integrity, honor, and dignity to not only himself but to the school he represents and his family. If you ever have the chance to meet Tom Garrick, whether in person or over Zoom for thirty-five minutes, you won't regret it.

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