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What we learned from the Britney book


16-11-2023 • 1 hora 21 min

On this week’s podcast, episode 233, we are talking about what we learned from fairly shocking Britney Spears’ new autobiography The Woman In Me.

Nialler and Andrea Cleary are joined by pop culture writer and DJ Louise Bruton to discuss the chilling details that Britney Spears reveals about her career and private life.

That includes her treatment by the media, fame-hungry exes Justin Timblerake and Kevin Federline, the conservatorship, and the ultra-overbearing toxic role that her parents held over her for 13 years where they controlled what she ate, where she was allowed to live, how she performed and all manner of abuse-like behaviour including putting her in a mental health institute for taking energy supplements or refusing to do a dance move.

Britney was denied her own lawyer for 13 years but finally broke free of the conservatorship to regain control of her own life finally.

It’s a miracle that Britney is even alive after the harrowing experiences of what she’s lived through, and what her family put her through.

Louise and Pop Emergencies are presenting their annual Britmas at Wigwam in Dublin on Friday December 15th, in support of ActionAid's Gaza Crisis Appeal.

Special thanks to Georgia Hallion for editing this episode.

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