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Four Tet - the story of a master electronic musician


12-10-2023 • 1 hora 21 min

English electronic musician Kieran Hebden has been a constant artist in my life’s history of listening to music.

Recently, the artist has exploded in popularity in his DJ partnership with Skrillex and Fred Again.., but as we’ll discuss, headlining Coachella this year, was just a natural culmination of two decades plus of music making and collaborations.

On this week’s episode it is all about the music of Four Tet.

We discuss his origins in the Elliott School with fellow now-famous musicians Burial and Hot Chip, the formation of his first band Fridge, who signed their first record deal when Hebden was just 15.

We take you through an output that moves from jazz, folk, electronica stylings of his early work, the seminal album Rounds from 2003, his subsequent collaborations with Burial, Steve Reid, remixes work for the likes of Madvillain and Caribou, and how his live show worked.

// On Wednesday November 8th, we are putting on a Listening Party at the Big Romance playing Four Tet's Rounds (2003) in full, as part of the Listen Closely monthly series.

And onto his independent releases throughout the last 15 years as his music moves from the ambient instrumental electronic music to the more club-focused 4/4 tracks that came about as he began to DJ at Plastic People and DJ at festivals around the world.

We discuss his court case with Domino, and how his flirtations with remixing pop artists telegraph his bromance with Fred Again.. and Skrillex. Plus, we spotlight some of our favourite Four Tet / KH / Kieran Hebden Percussions tracks.

The Accompanying Four Tet playlist for the episode

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