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The music of Aphex Twin


17-08-2023 • 1 hora 40 min

Episode 224 is a deep dive into the discography of electronic music pioneer Aphex Twin.

t's Richard D James, "the godfather of IDM", "the Mozart of Ambient,", the mischievous enigmatic man who I shook hands with once, the artist born in Limerick who has been making weird electronic music since he was the age of 14 for over 35 years now.

As Richard D James turns 52 this Friday, we take a chronological look through his back catalogue touching on the three main strands of his sound - ambient, experimental and dance. We discuss the myths around AFX, the famous 'Windowlicker' and 'Come To Daddy' videos in detail, the side-projects, the live show, the mischievous humour, the ubiquitous Richard D James face and much more.

Using quotes from the man in his many interviews, we figure out why the music of Aphex Twin is so unique, how he developed his own scales, how he builds his own instruments and studios, and how he has always been a composer and sound designer first, but also an abrasive techno merchant, a purveyor of acid, drill and bass, electro and creator of beautiful classical melodies.

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