Your Career, Your Choice

Brave Life Talk Show

09-06-2022 • 43 min

Listen to the juicy stories of how 20 something-year-olds Faith Lee and Andrea Cummings, our BLTS co-creators, PLUS our guest, Andy Schumacher discovered what they really want for their career and how they overcome their challenges in making it happen!

They also discuss their old, crusty definition of career success vs. their new ideas of success.

You will be inspired for your own life and bust out of those boxes you're in! Join the revolution to make your life authentic--do something brave today.

Join the convo + share your comments below: What's your old definition of success? What's your NEW way to success for YOU?

Connect with Co-hosts and Creators:
Faith Lee IG @faithisapoet
Andrea Cummings IG @andreitamora18
Andy Schumacher IG @youcancallmeandyschu
Queer Business Alliance @queerbusinessalliance
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Music for Intro + Outro by Jackson Maloney, singer-songwriter. Tracks: 1. Simple and Plain 2. 2 Young Women from Durango