Redefining the American Dream-What's YOURS?

Brave Life Talk Show

05-08-2022 • 50 min

20 something-year-olds Faith Lee and Andrea Cummings, our BLTS co-creators, PLUS our guests, Nadine Machkovech and Kamiya Willowbee share what they grew up with hearing about the "American Dream", how that impacted what they thought was success, and how they began to discover their own dreams for their life and how they started pursuing them.

They also discuss where and why the concept of "American Dream" came about in our society, and how it impacted them in their lives.

Be inspired to open your eyes and start to re-define what dream you want for you life and to examine your relationship with American society. Do something brave today!

We talk: societal conditioning, source, stereotypes, relating to society, society's "standards", immigration, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, education, career, hobbies, relationships, coping, trauma, loss, recovery, addiction, healing, authenticity, authentic success and more....

Join the convo + share your comments below:

What did you think the American Dream was and where did it come from? What do you think about America as a young adult and what do you want for society? What do you want to dream up for your own life?

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