When Hard Things Happen in Life (& What We Did With Ours)

Brave Life Talk Show

01-09-2022 • 1 hora 10 min

What hard things happened in your life? Four powerful voices in their 20s, Faith Lee and Andrea Cummings, our BLTS co-creators, PLUS our guests, Nadine Machkovech and Drew Petersen, share the hard things that happen in their lives, how it shaped their life, and how they began to discover more about themselves and their purpose and voice through the process of healing. They also discuss the importance of vulnerability in sports, college, jobs and for young adults (all genders) everywhere as well as the need to normalize brave conversations about hard things.

Trigger warning! We talk many sensitive topics and share ideas and resources on where to go to get help. Topics include: vulnerability, mental health, physical injury, sexual trauma and healing, drinking abuse, community, support network, immigration, racism, sexism, suicide, suicide ideation, relationships, friendship, coping, trauma, loss, recovery, emotional support, therapy, finding a therapy, addiction, healing, authenticity, authentic success, not feeling enough and more....

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Share one hard thing that you experienced that shaped who you are?  What support did you have to get through it, what worked, and what didn’t work? What did you learn about yourself as you were healing? We all have something hard and something we need to be brave about...What advice and resources do you have for those going through hard things?

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