Why We Created this Talk Show

Brave Life Talk Show

30-06-2022 • 48 min

Listen to the raw stories of why 20 something-year-olds Faith Lee and Andrea Cummings, and Susannah Campora, the BLTS co-creators and founders of Brave Life Venture, created this podcast.

We share:

-what life was like in our 20s, challenges, and what we needed

-we cover topics like codependecy, trauma, drinking, addiction, immigration, not feeling enough, belonging, feeling alone and lost, anxiety, depression, normalizing conversations, vulnerability, diversity, equity, inclusion, DEI, social impact

-what is Brave Life Venture, why we created the company and the talk show?

-who are we and what matters to us?

-most importantly...what matters to YOU? We got you.

Join the revolution to share the voices of the next generation and create a new way for "adulting".

Let's make talking about anything "safe" and normalized.

Do brave things today with us!

Join the convo + share your comments below: What's life like right now in your 20s? What do you need? What do you want to talk about in your life in safe spaces?

Connect with Co-hosts and Creators:
Faith Lee IG @faithisapoet
Andrea Cummings IG @andreitamora18
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Thank you for the Music in our Intro + Outro by Jackson Maloney, singer-songwriter! Tracks: 1. Simple and Plain 2. 2 Young Women from Durango