162: How to Build a $50 Million Coaching Empire | Benson Chidester

7-Figure Mentor

11-05-2023 • 1 hora 3 min

In this conversation, the Benson Chidester, CEO of Elite CEOs, shares his insights on how to build a successful coaching business. He talks about the importance of finding a profitable niche, creating a valuable offer, and defining tangible outcomes for clients. He also discusses the mindset required for success in the coaching industry, and offers advice on how to make people problem aware of your solution.

Key Points:

  • Finding a profitable niche is crucial for success in coaching
  • Creating a valuable offer with tangible outcomes helps attract and retain clients
  • Defining milestones for clients helps track progress and increase motivation
  • Overcoming the fear of sales and changing the mindset to serve rather than sell
  • Making people problem aware of your solution, even if it's not a straightforward problem
  • Understanding the client's goals and timeframe, and breaking them down into achievable KPIs or activities

Overall, this conversation provides actionable tips and strategies for anyone looking to start or grow their coaching business.

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