166. The Ultimate Blueprint for Going Viral and Closing Deals | Michael Gerardi

7-Figure Mentor

24-10-2023 • 1 hora 7 min

You ever wonder how some people seem to go viral time and time again? Or maybe you've felt like no matter how much content you post, you can't seem to attract any clients from all your hard work. In this episode, Michael Gerardi, founder & CEO of Gerardi Performance and Next Gen CEOs, solves that problem once and for all.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The highly profitable and predictable formula Michael uses to go viral time and time again
  • How to generate leads through organic messaging without sounding salesy or pushy.
  • How to challenge your prospects on sales calls without sounding like a used car salesman (so they actually thank YOU for challenging them)
  • How to maximize your client's Lifetime Value by using Michael's client retention strategy

And much more. This is truly one of the most action-packed episodes we've ever had. Make sure you got your notepad and pen ready.

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