Straight White Male Canadian Modern Chanie Wenjack

Christian Des Mazes

Podcasts from a straight white man who was tortured for two decades on canadian soil for doing nothing wrong ever while the deep state, white supremacy, the gay army and other hate groups and cowards targeted him, raped him, beat him, and terrorized his familly, killed his daughter and destroyed his son's life while he was trying to survive on a cult island of hate run by rapists, pedophiles and serial killers.

Every dream he ever had was destroyed over 16 years subjected to "hate is hate" in Victoria/Saanich, BC which has destroyed Canadian Democracy as he was/is a supporter of Tommy Douglas and universal health care, universal education, basic income, guarranteed employment thru municipalities at minimum wage, rebuilding cities to be walkable for climate change, minimum pensions etc., and the state controlling massive inequity in citizens through taxation.

During the time he was tortured, he briefed 3 BC finance ministers on billion dollar issues...therefore he must be destroyed for being left of center.

They killed his family and his daughter like they killed Reena Virk. They stole his son like they stole Michael Dunahee. They raped him in Saanich, BC in December 2015, forced him to sign papers, and tortured him through 10000s of harrassment events in home, community, and work, and raped him again in Nelson, BC in March 2022 for OBVIOUSLY NO VALID REASON!!!

Highlights include: "Chronology of Assasination", "Fly Fishing In the Yemen", "Wedge Issues for Premiers and Prime Ministers", the song" stuck on pedo island with you", Live from Sooke "Raped by The State", and ....every other episode. Take what you need, throw out the anger, focus on 75% of the content and learn something so when you run your country, you will understand what they will do to you.....the same thing they did to First Nations people....tell lies, then rape and murder you and kill your children because you are political/power opposition.

I did not do what they said I did. I did not write what they said I wrote. I did not say what they said I said. I did not see it, publish it, fund it, support it, transmit it, authorize it, download it, fuck it, or intend it, but they have framed me for it. My homicidal stalker will manipulate, dub, deep fake, rewrite every aspect of my last two decades to kill me. I have planted material (audio, video, google searches, gmails only sent to myself, facial expressions in the workplace and at home etc. ) globally - kathmandu, Nepal, Dubai, all over BC etc. since 2011 to find these serial killers of Canada and my will know because the material will not sound like me, a man who moved his entire life, spent 50 % of his wealth, and put himself at risk, to fight for two sisters paralized in a car accident and in an abusive relationship when no other man in Canada showed up to fight.

Call me when you have given your torturer of nine years permission to kill you in a foreign country like I did in October 2014 when I went to Nepal to die....until then you are just another Canadian tough guy I guess....and no I do not go online to look at imagery of people under 20, but well done pedos on spreading that rumour. I was the best Dad for 7 years and then they took my child away for doing NOTHING WRONG EVER. Oh and I am an engineer from UVic, UBC MBA, CFA Charterholder.

Saanich, BC is the largest pedophile ring in Canada involving police, teachers, navy, everyone: identical to Catholic Church Baltimore Pedophile Ring. Grace Tame -TedX Sydney, Australia 2021 video - will tell you everything you need to know about the pedophiles who run Saanich/Victoria, BC.

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