AI in Preschool

AI in Preschool

"AI in Preschool" is an enlightening and innovative podcast that navigates the exciting intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and early education. Designed for educators, parents, technologists, and everyone curious about the future of learning, this podcast explores how AI can enhance the preschool experience, the benefits and challenges it brings, and its implications for the future.

From AI teaching tools to smart toys and learning analytics, "AI in Preschool" delves into the different ways AI is being integrated into the preschool setting. Each episode features insightful conversations with artificial experts in the field, discussing the latest research, sharing real-life case studies, and speculating on future possibilities.

Our aim is to foster a comprehensive understanding of how AI is changing the landscape of early education, preparing listeners for the future, while ensuring the well-being and development of our youngest learners remain at the forefront. Tune in to "AI in Preschool" and join the conversation about the future of learning.

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