Masking the Truth

Dennis Prager Podcasts

22-02-2023 • 1 hora 20 min

Brett Stephens admits in the NY Times that mask don’t work. The science is clear. But the readers of the Times simply won’t accept this conclusion… A young woman (now a “man”) in Canada is suing her doctors who pushed her into gender surgery. Let many such lawsuits bloom.  Is the now-expected female preoccupation with career, discouraging men from marrying? Most men want a traditional home. Callers weigh in with personal experiences.  It’s not merely that the Left and Right disagree on policy and values. We disagree on reality. That’s why there’s an unbridgeable gap between the two sides. One example: the left believes the men can give birth. The Right believe men can’t give birth… A schoolteacher in Arizona says she has a master’s degree. Therefore, she knows better than parents what students should learn.
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