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SN2 EP5 | What Type of Knife Was Used to Kill Debbie Sue Williamson?

Break the Case

10-12-2021 • 59 min

The murder weapon is always a critical piece of evidence in any homicide case. Although the knife used to kill Debbie Sue Williamson was never recovered, the autopsy photos and reports can provide insight into the type of knife used. In the fifth episode, Jen Bucholtz and George Jared interview Jeff Shafer, a professional knife-maker who has been studying and creating knives for years. Learn why he believes a M3 Trench Knife—a double-edged, military-style, high-quality knife—was likely used in this attack. He also sheds light on the likely order of stab wounds and how the killer attacked Debbie as she was leaving her house. Jen and George also discuss the timeline of events prior to Debbie’s murder and provide updates on the current re-investigation into the case by the Lubbock Police Department.

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