66: 5 Things ALL Successful Nature-Based Business Owners Do

Therapy in the Great Outdoors

27-05-2024 • 22 min

Over the years coaching nature-based business owners, I've noticed some key things that all successful nature-based entrepreneurs seem to do consistently. Want to know what they are? Listen to this week's episode to get my tips and insights on how to do these 5 things so that your nature-based business can grow to serve more people in your community!

Successful nature-based business owners:

1. Take imperfect action.

2. Commit for the LONG HAUL and don't give up when things get hard.

3. Start small and slowly build multiple revenue streams.

4. Develop systems for every single repeatable process in the business.

a. Recommended resource: Beyond Booked Solid by Michael Port

5. Invest in their business and themselves as leaders of their business.

If YOU are ready to invest in the success of your nature-based business, join us in the Business Hive, my nature-based business coaching program for nature-based entrepreneurs. Enrollment is open till June 1 at 5pm CST. You'll get weekly accountability calls, loads of templates and forms to help you run your business, and my entire Business Bedrocks curriculum to help you systematically set up your business run on auto-pilot as much as possible so that you can work less and pay yourself more as the business grows to serve more people in your local community. You CAN do this...I have and I can help you do it, too!

Enroll now at https://therapyinthegreatoutdoors.com/hive-open

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