65. Growing as a Leader of Your Nature-Based Team: Live Coaching Call for Shannon Rolph

Therapy in the Great Outdoors

20-05-2024 • 50 min

In this episode, you'll learn strategies for effectively managing and leading a team in your nature-based business. Occupational therapist Shannon Rolph from Guelph, Ontario, Canada joined me for a live business coaching call. She is the owner of Shannon Rolph OT, and runs Kids in the Woods, a nature-based branch of her business. She has hired her first employees and had questions around how to lead well while growing her business.

You'll learn:

-How to establish policies and procedures up front with employees, while maintaining your autonomy as the business owner to make changes in the future if needed

-Strategies for establishing financial incentives for employees

-Ways to foster team community and engagement in the business priorities and goals

-Why it is important for nature-based business owners to have other nature-based business owner friends

Learn more about Shannon's business at www.shannonrolph.ca or connect with her on Instagram @shannon.rolph.ot

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Business Hive, my nature-based business group coaching program, will open for enrollment on May 27 for a June-December cohort. If you want to set up automated systems so that you can work less and earn more as your nature-based business grows to serve more people, check out the Hive & join the waitlist at https://www.therapyinthegreatoutdoors.com/hive

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