Finding Bliss after Burnout

Michelle Gordon

Welcome to Finding Bliss after Burnout Podcast. This is a space where I’ll be sharing everything from health, wealth, happiness, mindset, manifestation and my very own journey in finding bliss after burnout. I’m your host Michelle Gordon, nurse of 24 years, mum of 3 children NLP practitioner, life coach and entrepreneur.. Just a few years ago I fell into the darkness of overwhelm and burnout but have since gone on to create the most abundant, expansive and fulfilling life. Get ready to become ignited and empowered as I take you on a journey to make a bigger impact on the world, take back control and transform your life. read less
Ep 48 - The Journey to Self Discovery and Creating Your Best Badass Life with Mahara Wayman
Ep 48 - The Journey to Self Discovery and Creating Your Best Badass Life with Mahara Wayman
Today I have another very special guest with me, all the way from Alberta, Canada. Mahara is a published author, motivational speaker, certified mastery method coach, and she is passionate about helping women create their best life through her writing, online group programs, one-on-one coaching, and her very own podcast, The Art of Badassery.In this episode, Mahara shares her inspiring journey from the corporate world to her life as an entrepreneur, offering valuable insights, challenges, and the importance of self-discovery.Here are some key takeaways from her insights:Be the CEO of Your Life: Mahara emphasizes that you are the perfect person to take charge of your life. Embrace the idea that you can shape your destiny, even if it involves messy and imperfect steps.Align with Your Core Values: When setting goals, ensure they align with your core values and your desired lifestyle. Goals that resonate with your values are more likely to lead to genuine fulfillment.Don't Fear Change: Mahara believes in the power of pivoting. If a goal no longer serves you or aligns with your journey, don't be afraid to change it. Your goals should adapt to your evolving path.Seek Community and Support: Building your best life doesn't happen in isolation. Mahara highlights the significance of connecting with others, whether through coaching, mentoring, or seeking advice from those who have walked a similar path.The Power of Messy, Imperfect Action: Sometimes, we get caught up in the pursuit of perfection. Mahara reminds us that perfection is a story we tell ourselves, and embracing messy, imperfect action is often the key to progress.Connect with Mahara through:Website: