We're Not With the Bans - Part II: List-O-Mania

Head of the Class

31-10-2023 • 28 min

In this episode, Kristi and Christina embark on Part II of their three-part series on book bans and associated strategies, addressing the astroturf groups and websites who are pushing this agenda, by taking a specific focus on a few of the newer groups who have effectuated these bans.

The newest round of bans are not being propelled in a “one-off” fashion - i.e., a concerned parent or family member taking their issues with a particular book to the school library. This is something schools have experience with and, normally, have some sort of policy to address.

They are driven by “lists” of books being created by astroturfed groups and websites who are pushing an agenda, with the parents and others hyping book bans in schools, never even having read or seen the books they seek to ban.  This is part of a national top-down movement, an agenda stoked by far-right groups and donors, to create fear around what is being taught in public schools.

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