Happy Healthy Hearts with Miss Colorado Sarah Swift

Be A Better Being

26-02-2024 • 38 min

Living an active outdoor life, the idea of heart disease was the furthest thing on the minds of Sarah's family. That all changed, when her father suffered a fatal heart attack when Sarah was just 6 years old. Understandably, this event filled her with fear and misunderstanding, but that wasn't the life she wanted for herself. At age 17 Sarah declared her desire to enter the Miss Colorado pageant--a decision that would set the stage for a new path.

As the current reigning Miss Colorado, this 20 year old has turned her grief into a tool for good. The beautiful synergies of the Miss America organization and the American Heart Association partnering to promote heart health awareness, with Sarah's experience inspired her to devote her community service initiative to a heart-felt message. Through her Happy Hearts Campaign, she seeks to educate and inspire her generation and the youngsters coming up behind her to be thoughtful about their choices as they lay the foundation for their future selves.

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