Watch Your Mouth with Megan DeWalt

Be A Better Being

30-10-2023 • 30 min

October is Dental Hygiene Awareness month, and while most realize the importance of healthy teeth and gums, many might not fully appreciate all the ways what’s going on in the mouth impacts other aspects of our health. I was delighted to be joined by Megan DeWalt, to explore all the things. She covers the basics and introduces us to myofunctional therapy, a non-invasive protocol that resolves many of the issues we’ve grown accustomed to dealing with every day. I was so fascinated I signed up for a session with her to learn more about myself with a myofunctional therapy comprehensive exam, and all I can say is WOW. I hope to have Megan back for a follow up episode because this information must be shared! In the meantime, schedule an appointment for yourself.

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