Mental Health Check-In with Dr. Tami West

Be A Better Being

09-10-2023 • 49 min

World Mental Health Day is October 10th. In this episode Dr. Tami West joins Michelle and Sasha and talks through her experience as a child with a parent with mental health struggles, as well as her own personal challenges. Tami outlines the work she did for herself, that also brought her to the work she does with others. Tap into the incredible resources she offers by connecting with her in a variety of ways:

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You can also watch her podcast, Consider Yourself Hugged, on Youtube or wherever you get your podcast. Follow her there and you'll have access to other tips on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Check out Tami's book, The Stress Club, on Amazon

To celebrate World Mental Health Day in October, Tami is offering a virtual webinar, Mental Health First Aid, for cost of materials only ($23.95) on Thursday, October 12th. Register here.
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