Social Anxiety in a Pandemic

Normal Human Person

22-09-2022 • 48 min

It's finally the COVID anxiety episode!
This week I share how the last 2.5 years of isolation impacted my mental health & social skills, how hard it has been to get back out into the world, the moment I realized I needed to do it anyways and how I'm approaching it from here on out.

If you are struggling with severe or life-altering anxiety please seek professional help, this podcast is based on anecdotal experience and should not be taken as expert advice.

Support in the Greater Victoria Area:
Foundry Youth Clinic
Citizens Counselling

This episode discusses:

  • Getting used to getting sick
  • A feeling of comfort in isolation
  • Feeling inappropriate in social situations
  • How the hell to make new friends

NHP is an evolution of The Unbound Podcast, and if you miss Unbound feel free to re-listen to old episodes because change is a part of the human experience.

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