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Psychological Trauma and Memory Control - Dr Justin Hulbert

Researcher Radio

03-10-2018 • 40 min

This week's guest on RESEARCHER Radio is Dr Justin Hulbert from Bard College. Join us to discover more about psychological trauma and memory control, as well as Justin’s life as an academic. Justin explains the relationship between trauma and memory, how trauma and adversity is measured and also gives us insights into transnational co-collaboration.

We will gain further insights into the paper, its consequences and Justin's motivation behind his research.

In today's episode, we discuss:

Justin's academic background. [00:37]

We are given an overview of ‘What doesn't kill you makes you stronger: psychological trauma and its relationship to memory control'. [04:16]

Justin provides the methodology used to measure trauma. [08:55]

We learn more about the challenges to the experiment. [15:23]

Justin discusses the candidate pool. [18:35]

We learn more about the challenges of co-collaboration. [21:31]

We learn about Justin's academic role models. [34:50]

Justin gives his one piece of advice for young academics and anyone undertaking a PhD. [38:37]

Read the article here!

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