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Nanotechnology - Moving research from the lab bench to the market shelf

Researcher Radio

02-07-2020 • 53 min

Listen to a panel discussion, ‘Nanotechnology – Moving research from the lab bench to the market shelf’, co-hosted by Nano from Springer Nature and Researcher.

The panel discussion examines the process by which nanoscience and technology research can be transferred from academic labs to the private sector, and identifies best practices, policies, and other activities that can facilitate the commercialization of research for the benefit of society and economic competitiveness.

The panel consists of :

Dr Prathik Roy - Group Product Manager for Nanoscience and Technology at Springer Nature

Dr Michel Rickhaus - Group leader (SNSF Ambizione) at the University of Zurich.

Dr Przemyslaw Gawel - Senior Scientist at Cambridge Display Technology Ltd

Dr Suze Kundu - Head of Public Engagement at Digital Science

During the session the panel answers key questions, including:

•What are the challenges to increasing the transfer of knowledge and technology from university researchers to the private sector?

•How can funding agencies foster the transfer of knowledge and technology from universities to the private sector?

•What are the key elements of successful university-industry commercialization collaborations?

•How do we create more jobs in the industry?

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