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Welcome to RESEARCHER Radio - Dr Ramiz Nathani

Researcher Radio

14-09-2018 • 8 min

Welcome to the first ever RESEARCHER Radio episode. Throughout this series, we will be speaking to different academics from all around the world about their specialist subjects. Each academic guest would have produced written, examined, analysed and published work that is trending throughout the RESEARCHER community, and the wider scientific community. We will be finding more about the paper, the steps that are taken to create it and it's potential consequences in the academic or real world.

Discovering more about an academic paper and its origins are only half the RESEARCHER podcast story, we will also dive into the world of academia by discovering more about the lives of our academic guests.

This week we are joined by Dr Ramiz Nathani, former PhD from University College London and co-founder of RESEARCHER. We will discuss Dr Nathani's transition from science to the world of technology and business, whilst learning more about the RESEARCHER story.

In today's episode, we discuss:

How Dr Nathani transitioned from the world of science to the world of technology. [01:12]

We undertake a whirlwind tour of Dr Nathani's PhD. [02:33]

Dr Nathani explains the differences between the world of science and the world of technology, and how they can learn from each other. [04:19]

Dr Nathani discusses the inspiration behind RESEARCHER. [06:08]

Dr Nathani gives his one piece of advice for anyone undertaking a PhD. [06:52]

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