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Journey Into Prayer Exploring Intentions, Attention & Expression as Ways of Deepening our Prayer Life
Journey Into Prayer Exploring Intentions, Attention & Expression as Ways of Deepening our Prayer Life
What is prayer, why is it important and how do we pray? These are questions we explore in this Journey Into Episode. Outline and Book Recommendations via this link (click the link and then the pdf icon) Time Stamps 0:00:00 Introduction To Seed to Tree Podcast 0:00:30 Why Start With Prayer 0:01:50 Prayer Is Mystery Not Mechanical 0:2:40 There Not One Way To Pray 0:07:30 What is Prayer 0:09:17 Two Pillars of Prayer 0:09:30 Humility Human In Need 0:11:47 Honesty The Best Policy In Prayer 0:19:34 Prayer Is Intentional 0:21:15 When Do Pray? and What Do We Pray? 0:24:25 Brief History Of Structured Prayer 0:26:10 The Didache and Structure Prayer 0:28:36 Early Church Fathers and the Monastic Movement 0:31:48 Structured Prayer For the everyday Person 0:36:20 What are The Benefits of Structure Prayer 0:37:58 The Dangers of Structure Prayer 0:39:59 My Personal Journey With Structure Prayer 0:41:58 Synthesising Structure Prayer 0:42:58 Spontaneously Praying Whenever And Whatever 0:45:08 What Are the Benefits of Spontaneous Prayer 0:47:55 The Dangers of Spontaneous Prayer 0:51:58 What Can Structure and Spontaneity Prayers Look Like for us today? 0:56:00 What Is Attention In Prayer 0:56:56 Why Attention? 0:59:20 Where do We Set Our Attention? 1:01:37 Attention In the Lord’s Prayer 1:07:47 What Does Attention Practically Look Like in Prayer? 1:08:28 Praying The Psalms 1:10:26 Contemplation Prayers 1:12:09 Centering Prayers 1:13:44 Lectio Divina Prayers 1:17:26 Visio Divina Prayers 1:19:30 Silence In Prayer 1:21:23 Liturgy in Prayers 1:22:06 What Are Benefits of Setting Our Attention in Prayer? 1:22:42 Orientation, Disorientation and Renewed Orientation In Prayer 1:27:50 Synthesising Attention In Prayer 1:28:00 Expression to God in Prayer 1:28:58 What Is Expression in Prayer? 1:29:46 What Comes In Must Come Out 1:32:04 Expressing Internal and External World to God 1:34:19 How Do We Express to God In Prayer? 1:36:08 Confessional Prayer 1:36:53 Prayers Of Relinquish 1:38:25 The Prayer of Examen 1:42:38 Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise 1:44:44 Creative Expression Prayers 1:44:55 Intercessory Prayers 1:46:43 Prayers of Deliverance 1:49:39 Praying In Tongues 1:52:03 Praying With Our Body 1:52:57 Prayers of Lament 1:54:14 Praying In With and For Community 1:56:33 Discernment in Prayer 1:59:16 Journaling Prayers 2:01:48 Sanctified Imagination Prayers 2:04:30 Formational Healing Prayers 2:08:24 Synthesis Expression in Prayer 2:09:40 Final Thoughts and Prayer