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Revelation for Artists: Bible studies by an artist for artists.

08-03-2023 • 2 min

Hello my name is Christ John Otto

and I am a writer, artist and the leader of

a community called Belonging House Fellowship and the author of several books for artists

including Very God: An Artist Explores the Nicene Creed.

This is the first in a series of Bible studies by an artist for artists.

Over the next few months I am going to walk through the book of Revelation.

Revelation is one of the more controversial books in the Bible.

Throughout history there have been multiple attempts to remove it from the canon (the official list of books that are inspired and authoritative).

Some people become obsessed by it, and others are repulsed by it.

And still others misinterpret it and draw conclusions that the book never intended.

I want to bring my unique perspective to this book, and take the book at face value--look at what it says rather than reading into it what I think is says.

Many people who study the Bible are left-brained and overly rational, and this influences how they interpret and study the Bible. And because of this bent, the symbolic, visual, and supernatural are overlooked or ignored. I believe if you do this, you miss what Revelation is all about.

I believe that the Book of Revelation has a lot to say to us right now, and a lot to say to artists and creative people. This book ends with a vision of beauty and culture. It says something about artists at the end of time, and after time.

Like I said, I am an artist first, and I want to take this book at face value.

The writer of this book claims these are visions, so we are going to handle them like visions.

We are going to unpack the symbols, colors, sounds, and experiences related to us through these visions.

We are going to look at the Jewish thought and Jewish concepts woven throughout the text.

And we are going to explore the impact Revelation has had on the Christian imagination, and western culture.

Outside of the Gospels, Revelation has had a greater impact on art and culture than any book in the New Testament.

Join me on this adventure through this profound piece of literature.

Christ John Otto directs Belonging House, an international community of artists and creative people.

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