Episode 6: The Ekklesia

Revelation for Artists: Bible studies by an artist for artists.

05-06-2023 • 9 min

Before we can jump into the letters to the seven churches,

we need to talk about about the symbolic meaning behind the word Church.

As we will see again and again in Revelation,

this is all about Jesus.

And John makes it clear that the revelation of Jesus is related to a mystery.

John is going to use the word mystery a lot.

And as we have seen already, the first place he uses it is in reference

to the seven stars, the seven lampstands, and the seven churches.

There is something hidden here,

that John wants to reveal.

And again, going back to the title of the book, what he wants to reveal is Jesus Christ.

The word "church" does not appear anywhere in the new testament.

The word used in the new testament is the word "ekklesia."

Ekklesia is a word that references a specific place and time.