Locked and loaded diaries

Kimberly walker

Hi my name is Kimberly Walker. I am an Army Veteran and created a new video podcast, LOCKED AND LOADED DIARIES! Along with my two good friends and Gold Star Mothers, Teri Myhre Caserta and Heather Hedge Baker, we have created a podcast that addresses non-combat deaths in the military. According to a congressional research service dated May 2021, from 2006-2021 75% of military deaths were non-combat. Meaning only 25% of deaths happened due to a combat situation. 93% of these non-combat deaths happened on US Soil. Suicides, homicides. homicide by suicide, neglect, over doses, and deaths that just don't make sense. What the hell is happening in the US military??? We will talk to Gold Star families, the families left behind. They will tell us their stories, the impact these deaths left on them and the lack of transparency and justice they received from the military. Please join us every other week on you tube, to hear a new story.

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Another Death in the barracks at Fort Hood, Texas. The mis-medication of SPC Joey Lenz?
Another Death in the barracks at Fort Hood, Texas. The mis-medication of SPC Joey Lenz?
Margie Taylor's son, Fort Hood Spc. Joey Lenz, 32, a tactical power generation specialist assigned to the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, was found dead in his barracks room on the morning of Feb. 1. 2022. Lenz, 32, who enlisted in 2017, was expected to leave the Army in mid-March. “He already had a job, he was happy, everything was good, and then he died,” she said. His mother said her son enjoyed his Army life, that he didn't want to leave, but he was being “pushed out.” Since his death, Taylor learned her son was being bullied and targeted by a captain who has since been moved. Taylor said Lenz's staff sergeant and the lieutenant colonel were also moved in recent weeks. Between Christmas, when her son visited her in Conroe, Texas for the holiday, and his death on Feb. 1st, Taylor was told her son has prescribed four medicines: Trazadone, Cyclobenzaprine, Fluoxetine, and Propranolol leading her to believe a drug reaction known as serotonin syndrome may have contributed to his death. During a memorial for Lenz at Fort Hood in February, Taylor said she met privately with over 30 soldiers who wanted to share happy memories of her son. "They said you need to get justice for Joey. They said, ‘We know he didn't just die. There's something going on and they overmedicate here.' Taylor said she was informed by Fort Hood CID Special Agent in Charge Maria Thomas that CID had completed its investigation and that her son had died of “mixed drug interaction.” “I believe there is more to the story,” Taylor said.