Words That Move: Shared Human Perspectives and Reflections on Intimacy & Connection (ft. Award-Winning Poet Max Stossel)

HealingTALKS with Amanda Huggins

16-02-2023 • 49 min

In today’s episode, I sit down with Max Stossel to chat about his recent special, Words that Move.

Max is Award winning poet, filmmaker and speaker, named by Forbes as one of the best storytellers of the year. His special, “Words That Move: See Through A Different I” is a live performance of nine stories told on stage at Kings Theater, each with its own combination of live action, VFX or animation.

Throughout the special, Max expertly uses spoken word to share his perspective on humanity and explore the nuances of connection with self and others. Our podcast conversation is laden with discussion around the 9 stories shared in his special, touching interpersonal connection, the impact of the internet (social media, and yes..even porn) on our relationships to self (and others), and more.

Be sure to check out Max’s special that we discuss here: www.wordsthatmove.com/special and find him on Instagram @maxstossel.

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