RJP:Ep.21 – Donnie Vie – Enuff Z’Nuff

The Rock Junkie Podcast

12-02-2021 • 28 min

Donnie Vie, best known as the singer & songwriter for the band Enuff Z'Nuff, joins Mel this week to talk new music, vinyl and the upcoming EnZ box set (links below). He also shares the difficulties of being bipolar and living with anxiety. Plus, music news!Social Media:·         Instagram: @kingofpowerpop·         Facebook: @DonnieVieOfficial·         Twitter: @kingofpowerpop·         TikTok: @kingofpowerpop·         Website: http://www.donnievie.com/ ENUFF Z’NUFF – PEACH FUZZ (LIMITED EDITION PEACH VINYL)https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/enuff-znuff-peach-fuzz-limited-edition-peach-vinyl/ ENUFF Z’NUFF – DISSONANCE (LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL)https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/enuff-znuff-dissonance-limited-edition-colored-vinyl/ Music News Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2021 nominees announcedSource: https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/10/entertainment/rock-hall-fame-2021-nominees/index.html DR. PHILGOOD … Nikki Sixx appears on Dr. Phil along with Bret Michaels to help clear the air with fan Tina who has been Catfished by impersonatorsSource: https://metalsludge.tv/dr-philgood-nikki-sixx-appears-on-dr-phil-along-with-bret-michaels-to-help-clear-the-air-with-fan-tina-who-has-been-catfished-by-impersonators/ https://www.drphil.com/videos/nikki-sixx-shares-message-with-fan-who-thought-she-was-friends-with-him-but-was-really/ Show Contact:·         Instagram: @melroxlv·         Facebook: Mel Rox; @rockjunkiepodcast·         Email: rockjunkiepodcast@gmail.com