RJP: Ep. 37 - Talkin Turkey!

The Rock Junkie Podcast

23-11-2023 • 14 min

You thought your family had issues, check out the latest drama in the music world. By latest, I mean two stories in the headlines today. Right before we all gobble til we wobble. Plus, the annual Turkey Drop tradition here at the RJP and at WKRP. “As God as my witness…” Well, you know the rest.
Happy Turkey Day, Everyone!

Intro Track: Energetic Rock [Vlog Music] by MokkaMusic / Get Drunk
Music provided by "MokkaMusic" channel and https://inaudio.org

Hall & Oates article: https://variety.com/2023/music/news/hall-and-oates-lawsuit-restraining-order-1235805425/?fbclid=IwAR1onG6BRdXHYok7jpIbRSbhSGrdZxpNr3CzKsAiIqzjolU3iHxUh4OvrBI

Daryl Hall | Club Random with Bill Maher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_VtqkQ5MTw

Howard Stern interview: Sammy Hagar Invites David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen to Perform on New Tour With Him

SF Chronical misleading article: David Lee Roth agrees to tour with longtime rival Sammy Hagar: ‘Let’s do this’

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