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Self-Neglect: Exploring the Social Work Response

Let's Talk Social Work

05-10-2023 • 46 min

Episode 66 of Let’s Talk Social Work examines a subject which previously hasn’t been explored on the podcast. The discussion focuses on self-neglect—what it is, the ways in which it affects people and how social workers can respond.

We look at how the social work approach to supporting people who self-neglect has changed over the years, the duties placed on Local Authorities in relation to self-neglect by the Care Act and how these requirements must be balanced with each individual’s human rights.

Joining Andy McClenaghan to explore the topic are Lizzie Furber, Principal Social Worker with responsibility for Social Justice, Diversity & Strategy at DCC Interactive Ltd and Independent Social Worker, Lisa Barrett. Lisa runs the consultancy Clutter Free Living and is a Trainer with, and former Board member of, the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers.

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