Ouça sem anúncios

A portrait of the social worker

Let's Talk Social Work

16-11-2023 • 47 min

This episode is a break from the norm. It doesn’t explore an area of practice, a social policy issue or a campaign. Rather, it is a discussion of a life in social work. The life in question is that of Patrick O’Dea who earlier this year published his memoir—I who had it figured out.

The book charts Patrick’s upbringing in 1950s Dublin, his years as a social work student at Trinity College, his beginnings in youth and community work and a career in probation. It comes full circle to overview Patrick’s position as a social work educator in his alma mater and on to his work advising a Hedge Fund—a role the young 1970s utopian may have had questions about.

You can purchase a copy of I who had it figured out here.

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