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Trail Maintainers 29: Artie Hidalgo Project Coordinator Jolly Rovers Trail Crew
Trail Maintainers 29: Artie Hidalgo Project Coordinator Jolly Rovers Trail Crew
An interview with Artie Hidalgo Jolly Rovers Trail Crew Recruitment, Training and Project Coordinator Jolly Rovers Trail Crew Website Jolly Rovers Trail Crew on Facebook Jolly Rovers Trail Crew | Poughkeepsie NY | Facebook Featured Music by Scott Holmes Scott Holmes “Driven to Success” Attribution Non Commercial 4.0 International Join the Trail Maintainers Facebook Group   Structure of The Rovers Board of Directors The Rovers is kind of unique in its structure. We have a board that is responsible for fund raising, legal matters, insurance, budgets, financials, strategic planning and long-term goals and keeping us true to our mission statement.   Crew Council Crew Council determines what happens on the ground and all logistics.  The Crew Council is composed presently of 4 Crew Leaders and 6 Team Leads.  Some responsibilities are: review & finalize projects, approve season crew work calendar, training, recruitment, social events, provide input into tool procurement and tool maintenance.   Job Selection Work requests come to us via email, via phone calls, partners, and our website.  Decision on the worksite is driven by the traffic on that trail, remediation of potential trail hazards, ecological impact on the area.  The Crew Council decides on the job(s) based how desirable would it be for the crew to work in that location.