Episode 7 | The Science Of Cancer and Nail Care | Dr. Maria Zhivagui, Post-Doctoral Cancer Researcher, UCSD

The Science Of

09-11-2023 • 37 min

Welcome to "The Science Of" Podcast, where students from the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA sit down with top scientists, doctors, and other leaders in the world of science from the globally renowned UCSD and the UCSD Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, CA.

In this episode, Jeremiah Bosley, Riley James, and Zamira Amanonce, our student Hosts, sit down to discuss the science of CANCER AND NAIL CARE with Dr. Maria Zhivagui, a post-doctoral scholar in cellular and molecular medicine, doing pioneering cancer research, with an overall focus on public health and cancer prevention. Earlier this year, Dr. Zhivagui co-authored a widely quoted research paper on the DNA damage and somatic mutations in mammalian cells after irradiation with a nail polish dryer.

Listen to Dr. Zhivagui's excellent story, journey, and perspectives on cancer, her journey, and her advice for young students.

3:26 | Dr. Zhivagui's background
4:09 | Rapid Fire questions to get to know Dr. Zhivagui
9:17 | How her career chose her
12:26 | Why did she start UV research?
16:47 | Is it the machines or the chemicals, or both?
23:23 | Audience Questions
30:47 | The Future as seen by Dr. Zhivagui
32:32 | What she would do as Health Czar for a day!
33:56 | Advice to young listeners

Enjoy this excellent conversation, the "Rapid Fire" questions, and the live audience participation!

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