Episode 8 | Dr. Faith Quenzer, Emergency Medicince Physician, San Ysidro Health; Adjunct Professor, SDSU

The Science Of

16-11-2023 • 53 min

Welcome to "The Science Of" Podcast, where students from the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA sit down with top scientists, doctors, and other leaders in the world of science from the globally renowned UCSD and the UCSD Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, CA.

In this episode, Jeremiah Bosley, Riley James, and Abraham, our student Hosts, sit down to discuss the science of EMERGENCY MEDICINE with Dr. Faith Quenzer, an Emergency Medicine Physician and Researcher with a demonstrated history of working both in the public health setting & the health care industry. Her areas of interest include US-Mexico border health, infectious disease surveillance, and emergency medicine. She is currently an ER Physician with San Ysidro Health as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at San Diego State University. And, no surprise, she was also part of UCSD’s Department of Emergency Medicine as a Clinical Research Fellow.

Listen to Dr. Quenzer's excellent story, journey, and perspectives on cancer, her journey, and her advice for young students.

3:41 | Dr. Quenzer's background
5:45 | Rapid Fire questions to get to know Dr. Quenzer
11:50 | How her career chose her
14:26 | What makes for a great ER doctor?
16:52 | Fast twitch critical thinking as a skill set
19:20 | The challenges and stress as an ER doc during COVID
22:44 | Maintaining mental health
25:00 | Services and education to help patients avoid ER rooms for primary care
34:54 | Audience questions
49:03 | Advice to young listeners
42:30 | The Future of ER Rooms?

Enjoy this excellent conversation, the "Rapid Fire" questions, and the live audience participation!

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