Episode 4 | The Science Of HUMAN PERFORMANCE | Dr. Matt Kritz, UCSD Athletics, Senior Athletic Director, Human Performance

The Science Of

13-10-2023 • 55 min

Welcome to "The Science Of" Podcast, where students from the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA sit down with top scientists, doctors, and other leaders in the world of science from the globally renowned UCSD and the UCSD Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, CA.

In this episode, Jeremiah Bosley, Alivia Rollan, and Haydee Arancibia-Hardwick, our student Hosts, sit down to discuss the science of human performance with Dr. Matt Kritz, the Senior Athletic Director of Director of Human Performance for UCSD Athletics. And how to humans reach peak performance? Listen in as Dr. Kritz discusses everything from physicality and nutrition to sleep and commitment!

Kritz, who served as the department’s Director of Athletic Performance from 1999-2006, returned to UC San Diego after spending a decade in New Zealand helping develop a national strategy to positively impact performance in international competition. He served as National Director of Strength and Conditioning for High Performance Sport New Zealand from 2008-15 before co-founding and serving as Managing Director of Athlete Nation. Under his direction at UCSD, his unit has expanded to provide Triton student-athletes with first-class support services related to strength and conditioning, nutrition, rehabilitation, sport psychology and injury prevention.

Enjoy this excellent conversation, the "Rapd Fire" questions, and the live audience participation!

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