Pros and Cons: Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding

Honest Wedding Advice

28-07-2023 • 4 min

Let's be real, you're probably not going to watch your wedding video on repeat. But what if I told you that there were two compelling reasons you might seriously regret not hiring a videographer for your big day? In this heart-to-heart chat, I, DJ ESG, break down the pros and cons of getting a videographer for your event and share my three decades of insights on the topic.

Picture this: years later, you're showing your children a video of their parents on their wedding day, looking their absolute best. Or even more poignant, a video clip of a loved one who's no longer with us. Yes, hiring a videographer may seem more of a want than a need, but it's these moments that make it worth considering. Join me as I take you through the intricacies of this decision and help you weigh your options.

Peace, Love & God Above! :-)