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Over 50 thousand streams on 15 different platforms since May 10th, 2023. 馃槉

I'm Eric Scott Gold, a private event DJ with over 30+ years of experience. These are my micro tips! The SHORT version of EVERYTHING, because Millenials and Gen Z's have the attention spans of a flea. I sugarcoat NOTHING. It's all from the heart and as RAW as it comes. I hope you can appreciate the honesty.

I recorded 100 straight episodes from May 10th, 2023, until August 17th, 2023. I didn't miss a single day just to see if I was dedicated enough to do it, and I proved to myself that not only was I up for the challenge, but I surpassed my expectations.

Moving forward, I'll be releasing  2 or 3 a week, with more content, and extended details. Staring with episodes 101 - 103, season 4. I have over 3,500 events under my belt with over 1000 online reviews. I'm a 7-time finalist for "International Mobile Entertainer Of The Year", a three-time "Best Of Philadelphia" winner, a two-time "Best Of San Diego" winner, and a two-time "Best Of Bucks" winner. I am the number one advocate in the nation for LGBTQ weddings and the first person to ever hold the pride flags up at the International DJ Expo during a live performance. I've also officiated over 200 weddings and over 50 same-sex weddings. Lastly, I had the amazing and distinguished honor of MCing (with my buddy Bob Palio behind the decks) Jason & Kylie Kelce's wedding. Yes, THAT Jason Kelce! #GoBirds

Lastly, I record from everywhere. Inside, outside, in my truck or SUV, at an event, in my office, at a coffee shop, in the bathroom, and beyond, the microphone will sound slightly different per episode. I try to keep it as consistent as possible, but I travel vigorously, and it's very hard to nail down the same spot daily to create content. Please don't hold it against me. I'd rather bring you the info than worry about how much reverb is on my microphone. 馃檲

Peace, Love & God Above! :-)

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