8 Steps to Self-Discovery – "How does your gut and brain health impact your energy levels?"

Embracing Change with Feisal Alibhai

30-06-2021 • 1 hora 6 min

This is week 4 of a 10 week “8 steps to self-discovery” webinar series special, challenging the status quo of health and wellbeing, to show you what you can do to proactively transform your life.

In this episode, Feisal and Dr. Golay will discuss the relationship between gut and brain in your autonomic nervous system, learn to leverage the power of biometric data to give insights into your current energy levels, and what you can do to boost your energy levels by improving your sleep, movement and nutrition.

About Dr. Michel Golay: Michel is a gut and brain health expert. A chiropractor by training, followed by thirty years of research and clinical experience, Michel aims to respond to the dead ends of a medical system that remains obsessed with the mere prospect of disease.