The Heart of Thanksgiving: Beyond Turkey and Cranberry Sauce

Christian Bible Study Made Simple: Two Fish Podcast

21-11-2023 • 17 min

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Did you know that Thanksgiving is a holiday that only exists in the US? This episode is a journey down memory lane, revisiting Thanksgiving traditions and cherished family memories. As your hosts, Nick and Aaron, we'll take you back to the beginnings of this holiday, reminiscing about our grandmother's feast and exploring the significance of gratitude. We'll also share the often forgotten story behind this holiday, originally a 1621 harvest feast. This is a heartwarming conversation that not only piques your nostalgia but also educates about the origins of Thanksgiving.

But, Thanksgiving is more than just turkey and cranberry sauce. It's also about the deep-rooted practice of being thankful. Expressing gratitude towards God and cherishing moments spent with loved ones are pillars of this holiday that we highlight in this episode. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we ask you to share our Two Fish Podcast with others. We believe that our messages of faith and gratitude can bring light into others' lives. So, come join us in this exploration of Thanksgiving, its traditions, and its deeper meanings.

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