A Family Christmas: Celebrating With Special Guests!!

Christian Bible Study Made Simple: Two Fish Podcast

21-12-2023 • 20 min

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As our family huddles close, with the Action Bible's vivid illustrations before us, we invite you to join the warmth of our Christmas celebration. Our kids, Adelaide and Ryan, lend their voices to the cherished nativity story, as we traverse from the bustling streets of Bethlehem to the tranquil manger scene, punctuated by our playful banter and the occasional giggle over a reading mishap. Together, we uncover the profound joy and enduring message tucked within the tale of Jesus' birth, making it a family affair that extends an open invitation to our listeners to find the same wonder and meaning this Christmas.

The spirit of the season sparkles as we unwrap our favorite Christmas memories and traditions. The anticipation of gift-giving, amplified by the convenience of modern apps like DrawNames.com, mingles with lively debates on the merits of pine-scented versus hassle-free trees. Through candid family anecdotes and heartfelt tips, we craft an episode that is as much about the laughter-filled chaos of holiday gatherings as it is an earnest reflection on the significance of this time of year. Tune in for a special community holiday message, and a nudge to celebrate with gratitude, as we wish you joy and connection, until we meet again in the coming year.

The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story (Action Bible Series) https://a.co/d/bcjkmoL


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