Unpacking Life's Distractions with Martha and Mary

Christian Bible Study Made Simple: Two Fish Podcast

28-08-2023 • 22 min

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Ever felt swamped by life's daily tasks, allowing the truly meaningful moments to slip by? Join us on the Two Fish Podcast as we journey through Luke 10:38-42, discussing the story of Martha and Mary. We shed light on their challenges with busyness and the critical life lessons therein. We also take a nostalgic look back at the pandemic and the precious opportunity it gave us to treasure our families more.

You'll learn how to make your time with Jesus a priority amidst your busy schedules. We draw from the experience of Martha and Mary, showing how easy it is to be distracted by daily responsibilities and miss out on the value of intentionally spending time with Jesus. We also set the stage for future episodes of our podcast, giving you a glimpse of the exciting guests and spiritual conversations that await. So, come along and let's explore together how to deepen our relationship with God through mindful choices and attention to what truly matters.