Exploring Faith, Action, and Our Relationship with Jesus

Christian Bible Study Made Simple: Two Fish Podcast

26-07-2023 • 23 min

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Do you ever ponder if knowing Jesus equates to being known by Him? We delve into this intriguing question in our latest podcast episode, reflecting on the profound Parable of the Ten Virgins from Matthew 25:11-13. We challenge listeners to prepare themselves, actively participating in Kingdom work, and understanding that faith and works should not be seen as polar opposites but as complementary aspects of our Christian journey. Salvation may not be work-based, but we emphasize that there's Kingdom work waiting for each one of us.

What if we could demonstrate our faith and make Jesus known through our everyday actions? We explore this very possibility, picking cues from Matthew 25:35-45, analyzing Jesus' differing responses to the righteous and unrighteous. We urge you to find those small cracks in your daily routines to serve the Kingdom, to make God look bigger than ourselves. And, as an eye-opener, we discuss the remarkable work of Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit organization actively engaged in the fight against child sex trafficking. We wrap up by inviting you to introspect, to reflect on your relationship with Jesus, to foster a deep reverence and fear of God. Let's embark on this soul-searching journey together, balancing biblical insights and practical applications of faith in our daily lives.