What To Do When You Feel Lost Pt. 2 (Career Edition)

Tell Me More About It

01-10-2020 • 20 min

Hey my fellow Tell Me More About It VIEWERS!! Sorry about not dropping a video last week. Vernon and I have been busy with school and our personal businesses. But don't worry we didn't forget about you!! In this podcast Vernon and I get more specific on what to do when you feel lost. This video is a continuation from the first, so if you haven't seen the first one I would encourage you to do so. Vernon and I both understand the pressure of picking a career and staying committed to it. Myself personally (Larry) switched majors twice! So we just want to give you our perspective on how to weather the storm when it comes to staying motivated on your journey to your career dream. We emphasize  in this episode don't limit yourself!! And don't let your career be your whole identity! There is so much more to you than just a businessman or an artist! Whatever your career is the point is know that you are so much more bigger than that!  Learn as much as you can as long as you can. Even experts learn brand new things every day. Challenge yourself to become the head and not just the worker. And finally, understand that if you want to become rich (depending on what's rich to you) your going to have to work hard and possibly have more than one source of income. Well, I know that was a mouthful! But it's ok because today we are going into detail on all this things on this episode... hope you enjoy!!