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Spiritual And Mind

01-02-2021 • 7 min

Welcome to The Holistic Ambition Podcast!

A space for Black Holistic mental health, wellness, and lifestyle conversations.


My name is Brandi Jackson; I’m the founder of brandijacksonwellness.com an online wellness and health platform where my focus is holding space for black women, sharing holistic wellness tools and wellness centered lifestyle tips that focus on the art of self–healing, self- awareness and self confidence to help shift our connection to our greatest self and to experience our greatest life.

I’m a

holistic mental health therapist

holistic nutritionist

certified personal trainer

certified mindfulness and meditation teacher

The reason I created this podcast is to present wellness conversations, concepts, and information for Black women. I have always wanted to hear from more…

What to expect here:

-Health/ fitness

-Self-care/ wellness


-Spiritual wellness

-Financial wellness

+ Wellness in Real Life: How wellness works out when life happens.

+ Wellness Reviews: Tools, tips, supplements for wellness practice

+ Guest Speakers: All the experts at the table

My goal is to help Black women elevate their minds, bodies, and spirits to the highest capacity for health and wellness as a lifestyle

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